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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

How do I start a mobile recharge company in India?

It is your first step on the platform of recharge business but I am moving on it for long time. So if you are relay serious to run a recharge business and have ability to access the all situation then follow my instruction and steps which relay helpful for your new recharge business.

Step 1 –Need to Plan For Business

Before setup any business, You have a strategy or Plan for success your business and beat your competitor. You are new  in this field and your competitor stable his business since long. So without a better plan you never beat your competitor. Don't throw a stone in the dark.  

Step 2  :- Register your Company :-

Now you have setup your goal and you are in second phase. I second phase you need to register your business under rule of Indian Act and collect all legal document for legal safety of your business. Before registering your business follow these points.

  • Name of business – Business name must be unique,
  • Choose business name like a brand
  • Check social availability of your business name

Step 3 :- Book a Domain :-

If you are a long runner then domain will help you to accelerate your business on global market.

Points for Book a domain
  • Domain name must be unique.
  • A best domain name length belong between 1 to 15.
  • If your business market is only India then choose ccTLD domain.
  • If your business market is out side India then choose gTLD domain.
  • Take a SSL for you domain.

Step 4 :- Secure Hosting

If you have booed your domain then you need to host your domain. For it you need to select a secure hosting because recharge is a money transactional site So there is a chance of hacking atamp.
Points for Hosting
  • Select a secure domain.
  • Select a quick response time hosting
  • Select hosting from authorize company

Step 5 : Develop your Recharge website

Develop your recharge site from expert and for it select a authorize company who have ability to manage your business on-line and in future they provide you a better support. Be careful when you are going to develop your site and test the company ability to handle your business.

Points for develop recharge portal
  • Website must be responsive
  • Website Speed must be optimized
  • Eye catching design
  • User friendly design
  • Website content must be unique [text, images, videos, Doc or pdf].

Step 6 :- Book the API & Payment Gateway

For any recharge portal you need minimum one API for recharging mobile which you need to integrate in your recharge panel. It is own choice to integrate more then one API in your panel. Some time it is best when one operator going down then you have an option to switch your operator to other API. So book recharge API from authorize API provider

If you are running B2B recharge site then payment gateway is not required for recharge but for B2C recharge site payment gateway must be required. So buy a payment gateway having high success rate for better user satisfaction and security.

Quickrecharge – An oldest and trusted company in Kolkata who offer A to Z solution for any recharge and money transfer business and having multidimensional idea on It. So you may call our expert for better idea or develop your recharge site.

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