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DLT Technology in Recharge Business

As you know Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has released the Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulation (TCCCPR) 2018 to regulate Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC) aiming to make the unorganized SMS industry 100% transparent.  In order to do so TRAI has initiated to implement DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology). If you are a recharge business owner and struggling to find your way on what to do next then this article is for you.   DLT is a blockchain-based technology. The main benefit of DLT is that the government can supervise every entity of the entire system. These entities are Mobile user, Principal entity, SMS marketer, and regulator. Someone who falls into the categories mentioned above must have to register to continue. Companies like QuickRecharge have to register under the Telemarketer category.  What is the purpose of DLT? Commercial Communications Ecosystem In the new DLT system the ro

Always looking for high margin recharge api is the not good

Yes! always looking for high margin in recharge business is not good for your business health and it is the high chances of fraud. We are known as a brand in this domain and being in this recharge industry I have taken services from numerous number of API service providers. That's why I have an ample experience of recharge business, recharge API, money transfer API, travel API, PAN API and many more. There are lot of recharge API providers in market for B2B or B2C recharge business.  These service providers offers APIs at different costs, different profits and different terms and conditions. Some will give you flat margin of 1.5%-3% or more. Some will give you operator wise margin. Some will ask you to deposit security amount.  Before choosing your API service partner consider the following things. Do's and Don'ts while choosing the API Don't fall in the trap of flat margin APIs. These flat margin APIs (hardware based) are actually LAPU and they fail to p

Why choose Quickrecharge for Recharge API?

Quickrecharge is one of highly trusted recharge API provider in the market. But they only deal in B2B format. The software of Quickrecharge is compatible with Multiple Mobile Recharge API , Multi Recharge Modem, SMS based Recharges, USSD Platform and Android Based System that meet the challenges of the industry like: Multi API Integrations , Multi Payment Gateways, Bill Payments, Utility Bills, Surcharge System, Android OS Platform and all types of Web Services. Benefits of Quickrecharge API Software Easy recharge facility is available for India. All major operators of  Mobile, DTH Data Card & Bill Payment are covered.  Strength of team Quickrecharge team is strong backed support (even on Sundays and holidays).  This API adds a great Value addition to your Existing Website or business. Their virtual wallet helps you to get rid from maintaining separate stock for each mobile Operator. You don't have to keep paper based recharge Coupons. Hence, as all reports are onli