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Always looking for high margin recharge api is the not good

Yes! always looking for high margin in recharge business is not good for your business health and it is the high chances of fraud. We are known as a brand in this domain and being in this recharge industry I have taken services from numerous number of API service providers. That's why I have an ample experience of recharge business, recharge API, money transfer API, travel API, PAN API and many more.

There are lot of recharge API providers in market for B2B or B2C recharge business.  These service providers offers APIs at different costs, different profits and different terms and conditions. Some will give you flat margin of 1.5%-3% or more. Some will give you operator wise margin. Some will ask you to deposit security amount. 

Before choosing your API service partner consider the following things.

Do's and Don'ts while choosing the API

Don't fall in the trap of flat margin APIs. These flat margin APIs (hardware based) are actually LAPU and they fail to provide successful recharges in peak hours. Due to heavy traffic their server gets down in peak hours which causes lots of failures and pending.

Most important point is you shouldn't choose the lowest price. Some companies might offer you recharge api with bills payment in Rs 10000/- or may be lesser than this. Other might give you in Rs 25000/- or more. 

Most of the cases you choose the service provider who is offering you in lesser price. But the question is why there is so much difference? We have seen that the service provider who is offering lower price is just interested in selling the API software because it's not possible to give you proper service and support in future along with the API software. or it may possible they want to establish their brand. is one of them.  

But the save yourself ??? 

First of all ask your API service provider for Free trial of API. If provider disagrees then think twice before choosing the company. There is only a handful of API providers who  offers free trials for API. Don't misinterpret Free trial with demo. In a free trial you can use the service provider's API for real transactions and recharges without paying the cost of API, (keep in mind that for a real recharge you need to buy some wallet balance from them). But this free trial amount shouldn't exceed INR1000/- 

Clearly understand the payment policy before the API purchase and don't give full amount in advance.
Very few providers like Quickrecharge give balance and full customer support on Sunday , Saturday or on holidays so keep that in mind. After all a strong support system is the backbone of your recharge business. So, choose your API recharge partner wisely. 


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